Model Size Capacity PICMG Standard Description
NAMC-EXT-RTM Double-width 1 x PMC AMC.0

AMC.1 (PCIe)

AMC.2 (Ethernet)

AMC.3 (Storage)

AMC.4 (Serial Rapid I/O)

The NAMC-EXT-RTM-F and the NAMC-EXTRTM- F-PS are passive extenders in double width format based on AMC form factor. It is intended for debugging MicroTCA.4 systems. The NAMC-EXT-RTM-R is the corresponding extender for debugging rear-transition modules (RTM).
TAMC261 Double-width / Mid-Size or Full-Size 1 x PMC AMC.0

AMC.1 (PCIe)

High-Density PMC CARRIER FOR MTCA.4 Rear I/O
AMC105 Double-width / Mid-Size, Optional Full-Size 1 x PMC/XMC AMC.0

AMC.1 (PCIe)

AMC Carrier for PMC/XMC Modules, MTCA.4