• Converter

Model Description
ND-6510 RS-422/RS-485 Repeater
ND-6520 RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 Converter
ND-6530 USB to RS-422/RS-485 Converter

  • Analog

Model Description Input Output
ND-6013 3-CH RTD Input Module 3 RTD
ND-6017 8-CH Analog Input Module 6 differential + 2 s/e analog
ND-6018 8-CH Thermocouple Input Module 6 diff + 2 s/e thermocouple
ND-6021 Analog Output Module

1 analog

ND-6024 4-CH Analog Output Module 4 analog: ±10V

  • Digital

Model Description Input Output
ND-6050 Digital I/O Module 7 digital 8 digital
ND-6052 8-CH Isolated Digital Input Module 8 isolated digital
ND-6053 16-CH Digital Input Module 16 digital wet or dry
ND-6054 15-CH Isolated Digital Input Module 15 isolated digital
ND-6056 15-CH Isolated Digital Output Module 15 isolated digital
ND-6058 28-CH PPI Module 28 digital or 24 digital
ND-6060 Relay Output & Digital Input Module 4 digital 4 relays
ND-6063 8-CH Relay Output Module 8 relays