• I/O

Model Form Factor Description
PCM-7230+ PC/104+ Module w/ 16 CH Isolated DI & 16 CH Isolated DO
PCM-7248+ PC/104+ Module w/ 48 CH Opto 22 Compatible Digital I/O Module.
PCM-7250+ PC/104+ Module w/ 8 CH Relay Outputs & 8 CH Isolated DI Module.

  • Other

Model Form Factor Description
73SD4 PC/104 Module w/ Synchro/Resolver Measurement 6 CH + 16TTL Digital I/O
73DS2 PC/104 Module w/ Synchro/Resolver Simulation
73LD4 PC/104 Module w/ LVDT/RVDT Measurement 6 CH + 16 TTL Digital I/O
THP815 PC/104+ Module w/ ARCNET interface for up to 5 Mbps
CEI-430 PC/104+ Module w/ up to 12 Rx and 12 Tx ARINC 429 channels