Ingrandisci Ingrandisci Ingrandisci Ingrandisci Ingrandisci
TES-250-M12 TES-150-M12 TES-180-M12 TES-1080-M12 TES-1080 M12-BP2 TGS-1080-M12 TGS-1080-M12-BP2
Lite Managed Switch Unmanaged Switch
Number of ports 5 5 8 8 8
10/100 Base-T(X) M12 D-Coding Ports 5 5 8 x M12 connector (D-coding) 8 x M12 connector (D-coding)
10/100/1000 Base-T(X) M12 A-Coding Ports (TGS-1080-M12 TGS-1080-M12-MV) 8 x M12 connector (8-pin A-coding) (TGS-1080-M12-BP2 TGS-1080-M12-BP2-MV) 8 x M12 connector (8-pin A-coding, bypass function included by last 4 ports)
100Base-FX Fiber Ports
1000Base-X Fiber Ports
100Base-FX SFP Ports
1000Base-X SFP Ports
Gigabit Combo Ports
Power Redundancy 1 x on M12 Connector 1 x on M12 Connector 1 x on M12 Connector Dual 12~48VDC on M23 connector (TGS-1080-M12 TGS-1080-M12-BP2) 2 x DC inputs. 12~48VDC on 5-pin M23 connector (TGS-1080-M12-MV TGS-1080-M12-BP2-MV) 72~110VDC power input on 5-pin M23 connector
DIN-Rail Mounting
Wall Mounting
Casing Protection IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40 IP40
Dimensions (W x D x H mm) 89 x 40 x 178 89 x 40 x 178 89 x 40 x 178 125 x 65 x 196 129 x 65 x 196
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C -40°C to +70°C -40°C to +70°C -40°C to +70°C -40°C to +70°C
Network Redundancy O-Ring, Open- Ring, O-Chain, MSTP / RSTP / STP
Rate Limit
Port Mirror
Port Security
IGMP v2/v3
QoS Port Base / COS / TOS
Port Trunk Static/LACP
System Alarm SYSLOG / SMTP / SNMP Trap Relay Relay
DHCP Client
VLAN Port – Based
Manag / Config WEB / Win Utility / SNMP v1 , v2c , v3 / Telnet
Ordering Information TES-250-M12 TES-150-M12 TES-180-M12 TES-1080-M12 TES-1080-M12-BP2 TGS-1080-M12-MV TGS-1080-M12 TGS-1080-M12-BP2-MV TGS-1080-M12-BP2